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Welcome To Legal Core

Since 2010, Legal-Core has been the pioneer and market leader in ALSP (Alternative Legal Service Provider), Legal Management, Mediation, Escrow Security, Recruitment of Lawyers, Tax Specialists and Compliance Officers. Thanks to a growing demand for lawyers in an economic context that is becoming increasingly more efficient and low-cost oriented, we have registered continuous success for companies and law firms around the world year after year.

We are part of the International Chamber of Commerce, International Bar Association, USA-Mexico Chamber of Commerce, American Association of Mediators, and the National Association for Corporate Attorneys. This has enabled us to provide an even better service to our clients, enhance specialization, ensuring a certified proficiency throughout our established worldwide offices.

As a ALSP, for more than a decade, Legal-Core has improved systematic elements of any legal process that can be broken down and performed more efficiently.
Our founding lawyers have provided dozens of companies and law firms around the world services that traditional law firms would offer, but at a lower cost, including increased expertise, flexibility, and speed.
Our company has negotiated, Mediated and closed international deals, with parties in different countries, including commercial and multi-family real estate developments, industrial built-to-suit developments, cannabis start-up companies, multimillion dollar renewable energy deals between private companies and government entities. We have successfully litigated through our team of attorneys, many cases across borders, awarding us as the best Alternative Legal Service Provider in Latin America.

We have a network of more than 40 experienced and carefully selected lawyers.

We watch over each client service development, coordinating the management of the lawyers assigned to the solution to ensure the best experience.

We define expectations and design processes that allow you to ensure your satisfaction.

We are a Human-Centered company that allow permanent monitoring of performance, underutilization levels and others that contribute to productive efficiency, and feedback. 

We have corporate offices in New York and Mexico City, as well as affiliate offices in Shanghai, London, Paris and Lisbon. Contact us today to discuss your needs.