Fernando Carreto Ortega

Fernando Carreto Ortega

Fernando Carreto has 18+ years of broad corporate law experience, including 12+ years in federal fiscal and administrative law. He concluded the Anti-Money Laundering Law program and is partner in one of the must prestigious law firms in Mexico, representing national and international clients, including transnational companies such as Toyota, Chrysler, Arkansas University, multi-state hospitals, chain restaurants, hotels, oil & gas companies as well as manufacturing and construction companies. Among his vast portfolio, Mr. Carreto has helped companies negotiate contracts and implement fiscal strategies saving them amounts well over $5,000,000 Dollars. His clients have benefited not only from his preventive strategies, but also from his successful litigation experience.

Mr. Carreto’s works with our firm’s overseas offices in other legal jurisdictions from international based individuals, companies, contacts and referrers such as Accountants, Insolvency Practitioners, Wealth Management Companies as well as from other firms. The areas of work include Asset Tracing and Enforcement of Judgments, Commercial, Insolvency, Tax issues, Litigation, and Validation of Judgments and Orders.


Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro LL.B. (2002)

Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro Specialty in Corporate, Fiscal & Notary Law.



Certified Lawyer since 2017 by the National Bar Association for Corporate Attorneys.

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