We conduct an initial thorough discussion with the client when we get a new assignment to find out what service is required and what the profile of the ideal lawyer or firm would be. We accept an assignment only if we are convinced that it is “realistic” and that we will be able to present enough suitable options, whilst advising our clients the best way to proceed.

We stay in close contact with the client and lawyers during the entire process, providing and requesting feedback as frequently as needed to achieve the desired result as promptly as possible.

At Legal-Core, we are your agile and dynamic Alternative Legal Service Provider. Traditional law firms cost include, administrative work that does not require the hourly cost of a lawyer so, in conclusion, the traditional office transfers its structural costs to the client who loses control of his budget when he receives large fees that no longer fit the reality of the modern legal industry.

We use expertise to simplify the legal sector and make it more affordable, to you by:

Lean Business Development

We seek to eliminate inefficient practices and focus on increasing the output value and desired outcome.


We focus on developing legal relationships that need speed and agility in order to adapt to the clients needs.

Legal Design

We apply Design thinking to the world of law to give it an effective perspective. We are aimed to make the user experience more effective at a lower cost. We focus on understanding and meeting the legal needs of our clients.


We generate innovative services that focus on understanding and meeting the needs of our clients by applying costume-made strategies.

  • Company formation
  • Partners’ agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Articles of association
  • Purchases and sales
  • Leases
  • Joint Ventures
  • Investment in startups and new companies
  • Data protection

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