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We are a specialist team of International, USA and Mexican certified lawyers, advising expats worldwide on divorce, real estate, employment, wills and trusts and contractual law matters. We have liaisons with the best hospitals, international schools and government offices to ensure our clients the highest quality in services. Contact us for confidential advice.

We appreciate that living as an expat, it can be difficult to know where to turn for accurate and trusted advice. Unfamiliar and conflicting laws make matters abroad a potential minefield. Our firm only advises expatriates and so on a daily basis we assist clients from every country residing in Mexico, USA, Europe and Asia.



Living in Mexico

Living in Mexico has long been popular with those who live north of the border. It is a popular place for holidays – especially with those looking for some winter sun and is also a popular retirement destination for Americans due to its close proximity to the US. The country boasts beautiful beaches, fascinating attractions, friendly locals, an all year round good climate, low cost of living and a good quality of life for all who travel there.
Mexico boasts one of the strongest economies in Latin America and also has a very strong trade agreement with the US. The capital, Mexico City, is growing at an impressive rate and now boasts excellent opportunities for all budding entrepreneurs. There is however a big gap between the rich and poor and a fine line between survival and poverty. However, in terms of international business, the country is ranked second highest out of all the Latin countries in terms of high income. The cost of living in Mexico is also very cheap, which means that many expats living here can enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

Business opportunities are plenty in Mexico as it is still largely a developing country and for those people with savings or who are financially secure enough to invest, now is a very good time. It is necessary to have the required visa and work permits before entering Mexico to live and work. If you have skills that are desirable in the country, you should not have a problem obtaining the right documentation.

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